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Lumbar Support - Back Care, Back Pain Relief



• Easy to adjust, giving you the correct amount of support in any situation.
• Adjusting the cushion is as simple as turning the dial built in to the side of the cushion
• Use the adjustable strap to firmly attach the LumbarMate cushion to your chair or car seat
• Portable and compact—take it with you anywhere
• Relieves lower back pressure for greater comfort

Ideal for:
• Office
• Car
• Home
• Wheelchair

AUD 96.80 inc GST

Car Seat Support

Car Seat Support

Flexible and comfortable
Strong + well made + light weight
Breathable mesh stitching allows air flow
Concave design
Easy to install - straps clip around any car seat
Suitable for: cars, taxis, trucks

Many car seats (including modern ones) do not properly support the lumbar region while driving. This can leave drivers feeling stiff and sore after long journeys, and may also cause neck and back pain. The Comffit Car Back Support has a unique concave design which provides drivers with good support to help avoid these problems.

Choose from Standard or Large sizes, and either Leather or Vinyl trim. Ideal for taxis, trucks, sales staff, couriers, etc. A snap clip at the rear of the support makes intallation quick and easy.

Width at top - 35cm
Width at center - 50cm
Maximum depth - 14cm
Height - 50cm

AUD 66.00 inc GST


Total Spinal Support

Total Spinal Support

Total Spinal Support

Exclusive Features
Full Back Support
Assists in the relief of back pain
Promotes good posture and correct spinal alignment
Lateral support flanks 'hold' you in superb comfort
The perfect backrest support if you spend long hours driving

A sturdy, hard wearing full back support for car, office or home featuring unique flanking supports designed to prevent lateral movement and relieve stress on the lumbar spine and rib cage.

Cushion: Moulded urethane foam sealed inside cover.
Cover: High quality tailored velour

AUD 79.20 inc GST

Back Huggar

Back Huggar

Back Huggar

Assists in the relief of back pain
Provides support for your lower back
Promotes good posture and correct spinal alignment
Portable and lightweight, can be used on any chair anywhere
Adjustable elastic strap holds Back Huggar in position

Adjustable and economical Lower Back Support available in memory foam. A home health care product featuring a unique insert which can be removed if you want to reduce the product width or modify the amount of lumbar support.

Also features an in-built spinal support column designed to accommodate and cushion the spine and provide snug lower back support.

Zipped corduroy cover easily removed for cleaning. Stretch-elastic ties allow for fixing to chairs etc.

AUD 55.00 inc GST

McKenzie Back Support Lumbar Rolls

Used in clinics and hospitals worldwide, this is the lumbar support that has helped literally hundreds-of-thousands achieve freedom from common low back pain.

Poor posture is a common cause of back and neck pain. This roll, which can be strapped around the waist or placed onto a chair, prevents slouching which flattens out the back's natural curve and stretches out ligaments. Slouching can lead to back pain and back problems.

Specifically developed by Robin McKenzie after years of testing and observing the effects of back supports, the Original McKenzie? Standard Density Lumbar Roll is made to his exact standards.

Size: 11" long x 5"radius x 15 1/2" around

The Original SlimLine Lumbar Roll

McKenzie Original SlimLine Lumbar Roll

The Original SlimLine Lumbar Roll has been designed to compliment existing lumbar support, such as that found in modern cars and some modern seating. The Original McKenzie SlimLine has the McKenzie adjustable strap and a removable washable PolarFleece cover, giving it a luxurious feel.

AUD 30.20 inc GST

The D-Shaped Lumbar Roll

McKenzie D-Shaped Lumbar Roll

The D-Shaped Lumbar Roll is a firmer density roll.

It provides good lower back support and with its flat back, sits comfortably against a chair.
The D-Shaped Lumbar Roll has the McKenzie adjustable strap and a removable washable cover.

AUD 28.00 inc GST

The Original Lumbar Roll

McKenzie Original Lumbar Roll

The Original Lumbar Roll is made from medium density foam and is quite soft. The Lumbar Roll has the McKenzie adjustable strap and a removable washable cover.

AUD 28.00 inc GST

The SuperRoll

McKenzie Original Lumbar Roll

The SuperRoll is made from injected moulded foam, it provides the support without the bulk. It has a removable washable cover and the McKenzie adjustable strap. It is a very cost effective way to reduce postural stress due to a poor sitting position.

AUD 35.90 inc GST
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