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Back for Life - Richard Convery

Back for Life - Richard Convery - Book

How to Dramatically Reduce Your Back Pain Over many years of searching for answers and relief from almost constant severe back pain Richard Convery tells us, my cry for help hinged around this thought "Why do I feel so helpless and dependent on others to FIX me??"


Well..there is! For almost twenty years now I have been free of the physical, emotional and financial burden of chronic back pain.

Am I now 100% exempt from a painful back? NO. However as soon as I detect any reaction that most healthy people might experience from heavy lifting, being in a physically awkward position, becoming excessively tired, stressed or whatever else might make a person's back ache, I can take immediate action to restore my well being and I DON'T have to run off to see someone for help.

Over the past 12 years or so I have helped hundreds, probably thousands, of people to do the same and the great news is that if you are keen enough to help yourself, YOU CAN TOO.
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The Body Control Pilates Back Book

The Body Control Pilates Back Book

The back is the foundation for functional fitness. Everyone can benefit from strengthening the deep support muscles around the spine. In "Pain-free Posture: Back Care Pilates," You are coached through an exercise program that engages both mind and body as you work towards a strong, healthy, stress-free back.

Recommended for those who have mastered "Be Kind to Your Spine: Back Care Pilates level 1." Also ideal for fitness instructors and rehabilitation practitioners.
Required equipment: Exercise mat
Level of difficulty: 1
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Core Strength Workout - Book

Core Strength Workout Book - Back Care Back Relief Workout

By Karon Karter

Transform your body with the exercises that dancers, gymnasts and Olympic athletes count on to stay strong.
With The Core Strength Workout as your guide, you will target the critical torso muscles that make the difference between fit and fabulous. You'll walk taller, sleeker and leaner within weeks!

No matter what your current level of fitness, you'll find easy and effective routines that work for you.
Inside these beautiful full-colour pages, celebrated fitness instructor and author Karon Karter shows you how to flatten your tummy with yoga and Pilates moves; strengthen your back and improve your posture; use the exercise ball to tighten your torso; progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced routines; and work your abs in only ten minutes.
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Treat Your Own Back

Treat Your Own Back

by Robin McKenzie

This easy to follow patient handbook has sold over 3 million copies and provides the reader with an active treatment plan to resolve and manage back pain. Now in its 6th edition, this book for patients and the general public has probably helped more people achieve freedom from back  pain than any other publication.
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Treat Your Own Neck

Treat Your Own Neck

by Robin McKenzie

Consumer health text on self-management self-management with emphasis on the improvement of the structure and metabolism of the soft tissues, including the disc.

Since the 1980's, Robin McKenzie's techniques have become widely accepted and are now taught in many physical therapy schools. This book was originally published in 1983 and is now in its 3rd edition. Topics include causes of neck pain, posture, exercises, prevention and a "Panic Page". This easy to follow, illustrated manual helps people manage their own neck pain.

AUD 26.95 inc GST
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