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Exercise - Neck Stretches

Welcome to the exercise pages, here you will find a number of exercises which help prevent computer related injury. They need to be practiced regularly to have a lasting effect.

As with all exercise, you need to listen to your body, keep the back of the neck and spine lengthened and the rib cage lifted. Remember to breathe as you work with the different exercises.

Neck Stretch

Lengthens and stretches neck muscles, releases tightness due to poor posture.

a) Sit comfortably. With your shoulders relaxed and your chin towards your chest, turn your chin to the right shoulder as far as is comfortable. Do not compress the back of the neck. Hold for about 30 seconds, repeat to the other side.
see fig 1 & 2

b) Sit comfortably, shoulders relaxed. Take your ear down towards your right shoulder, relaxing the neck as much as possible. Feel the stretch on the opposite side. Hold for about 30 seconds and release. Repeat to the other side.
see fig 3 & 4

c) Sitting comfortably, lift the sternum and chin towards the ceiling . Allow the head to drop back as far as is comfortable. Relax the shoulders. Exhale, bring the head back to center, then drop the chin towards the chest, allowing the back of the neck to lengthen. Hold, release.
see fig 5 & 6

Neck Stretches 1
Neck Stretches 2
Neck Stretches 3
Neck Stretches 4

Neck Stretches 5

Neck Stretches 6
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