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The Swopper

Lafuma Zero Gravity® Recliner

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One of the direct causes of lower back pain is sitting for long periods of time without movement. Our bodies, however, are designed to move. Frequent movement and position changes are of crucial importance to the health of the spine.

The Swopper is designed to bring about that movement, stimulating circulation and bringing oxygen to the blood. The natural movement of the Swopper keeps the spine lubricated and flexible as well as conditionioning the muscles of the spine and trunk, ultimately relieving tension, fatigue and lower back pain.

The SWOPPER is embraced internationally by orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapists.

Scientific tests with"swopper"
Since 1998 the company "aeris-Impulsmoel" has been offering companies a low-cost opportunity to test how healthy, dynamic sitting on a "swopper" can have positive affects on the health of their employees and at the same time reduce costs.

Parallel to these pilot projects Professor Dr. Detlef Kruer from the Hamburg Technical College has been recording and analysing working conditions, special attention being given to mobility. The most recent analysis is based on answers from over 1000 employees. The unequivocal conclusion: The "swopper" successfully prevents back pain!

In concrete terms this means for companies: employees using the "swopper" are much less prone to back problems than others. One fewer sick day and the "swopper" has already paid for itself! Year in, year out...more details

CBS News

The Swopper looks like a stool, but the way it's built makes you use your core muscles to stabilize yourself on it, thereby giving you an abs and lower back workout even while you're working! It's a backless, adjustable seat that moves with you as you shift positions, forcing you to rely on your abs to keep your balance.

It's great to help reduce back pain by strengthening your stabilizing muscles. It's also said to enhance circulation since your body remains active as you sit.


Materials used: pressed aluminium, moulded plastic, steel, foam rubber.
Covering: Alcantara

Safety cerificate: TNV: M97 114 85 E01
The swopper fulfills all requirements of the German Safety Laws for technical objects and thus can be used everywhere, also in offices and public buildings.

The TNV safety certificate assumes a usage period of 10 years. The swopper can be recycled.

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